How To Choose Your Wedding Color Palette

You have your wedding date set.  You might even have your reception venue booked and have said yes to your dress.  But you can’t for the life of you decide on a wedding color palette!

With so many colors to choose from, it is no wonder that brides have such a difficult time making a final decision.  Plus, it’s not like you are going to just say “yellow” and that’s it!  Everything is yellow!  You will most likely have one main color in mind but you will also want to mix and match a little when it comes to bouquets and other decor.

So, that leads you to the issue of what colors look good together.  I found a fun tool that can help you a little with this.  First you need to find an inspiration photo which has colors that you would like to see in your wedding.  Then upload the photo to this color palette generator and it will give you color palette swatches in light, medium and dark.

If you still need a bit of inspiration, I found some photos of popular wedding colors that will get you started.

green and pink wedding color scheme

Green and pink wedding color scheme by Wedding Cakes.

Perfect for Spring with the subtle differences in the shades of green.  All of that green is broken up nicely with a little touch of pink.

summer color scheme

Perfect Summer color scheme by The Perfect Palette.

A summer yellow mixes well with a fresh green and a hint of gray.  This is the palette that my oldest daughter is planning for her August outdoor wedding.


Orange and white wedding color scheme by Brides.

I am really liking all of the different shades of orange, white and cream in this wedding color palette.  The colors say fresh and happy to me!  You wouldn’t want to use this scheme, however, if your reception venue had a dark ornate interior with busy carpets in dark reds or purples.  You need to be thinking about where your wedding reception is held when you are choosing your colors.  The orange palette works great in a room with wood floors as pictured below:

Orange with wood floors by The Wedding Bee.


Purple wedding color scheme by The Vintage Apple.

On the darker side, this romantic and formal color scheme looks as luscious as a berry pie.  The different shades of plum, purple, and red go perfectly with the elegant touches of black and gold.


Beachy blue wedding color palette by Shananigans.

Something borrowed and something blue!  This lighter shade of blue mixed with the cream against the natural and rustic backdrops is a perfect look.  It’s like the water washing on to the sand.  This is why thinking about your surroundings is important when choosing colors.

navy blue color scheme

A regal blue color scheme by The Wedding Bee.

And, this darker blue takes on a much more formal and regal look.  I love the contrast with the all white cake.

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