Private Ceremony – Chris & Kelsey NYC

For the first Real Wedding post, we decided to use the private ceremony of our Editor Kelsey and her now-husband, Chris!

Backstory from Kelsey: I met Chris in the fall of 2009 when I started working at a Borders Bookstore after moving to New York City. I got a job in the cafe, and noticed a really cute guy who was the inventory manager there. We began walking to the subway together after closing the store at night, and I knew right from the start that he was something special.

Ready for marriage: After dating about three years, we knew we wanted to be husband and wife. Actually, scratch that…we had known that much earlier! But Chris proposed at the end of July and we quickly set the wedding date for October 5, 2013 since we found the perfect venue available in Michigan on that date. While planning the details and seeing the calendar everyday, knowing that we still had over a year before tying the knot, a random idea hit me: What if we actually got married THIS year on October 5 just for ourselves and then celebrated with our planned wedding exactly one year later? Chris and I thought about it for a few days and then decided it was absolutely perfect for us, so we called friends and family to fill them in – and everyone loved the unique plan!

Because we still wanted next year’s ceremony and reception to be the main celebration, we didn’t want any family to come to NYC the weekend we got married this year, and we each only asked one witness to be there for us at the City Clerk’s Office. Chris’ best friend Justin attended and my best friend Megan was there for the entire day. We were all pretty surprised by how much waiting in line we had to do, but everyone stayed positive and upbeat through it all.

The ceremony: Chris and I wrote our own vows for the private ceremony and the same man who married us was the one who helped us get our marriage license ready just a few days earlier – we liked him a lot and felt so happy that he was the one who pronounced us husband and wife!

Biggest take-away: All of the excitement surrounding the day makes it go by really fast, so really soak it all in and enjoy every second! We had such an amazing time and were so glad that we decided to get married privately a year from our wedding date. That goes to show that doing things out-of-the-box can actually make the start of your marriage even more special, so if something feels right, GO FOR IT even if one or two people may not understand it. Chris and I will never forget the day we got married and all of the personal moments it included, and now we’re SO looking forward to planning our big ceremony and reception for next year!

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