How to make a statement with your shoes

99% of the time I talk to one of my girlfriends about a new outfit I’m going to wear for an upcoming event, the first thing they immediately ask is: “What shoes are you wearing?” My point? Shoes are important. They can add inches to your height, class up your more casual attire, bring a pop of color to your otherwise basic overall look…they have the ability to truly make a statement. And your wedding is no exception. First things first: Flats or heels?

Since my husband is already slightly shorter than me, heels are out of the question for our big ceremony next year. Fortunately, the options for wedding flats are plentiful!

Toms Shoes: Yes ladies, this has become a gigantic trend that we can all take advantage of! If comfort is your #1 shoe priority, then look no further since these slip-ons are going to feel great on your feet all day long (uh-huh, including the reception!)

Ballerina flats: Sure, basic ballet flats are a great option for your wedding, but what about the look of real ballerina flats with the ribbons and all? This is definitely a look I might go for since I think it adds a sweet touch of romance to the already special day. One of my favorite bridal sites, Wedding Chicks, had a similar idea for one of their photoshoots…
There’s absolutely nothing to dislike (right?!). So far, I’ve found the best options on Etsy.


“I Do” stickers: Available on Etsy, these simple add-ons transform a simple pair of heels into a photo-ready statement for your big day!

Bright: Not only is this the perfect way for you to incorporate your “Something Blue“, it’s a way to match your bridesmaids or add to your already visible theme! I went to a beautiful wedding this fall that had an autumn theme and the bride came out rocking gorgeous orange heels that matched the color of the leaves around the venue (which also matched the leaves on the official wedding invitations as well!) Color gives you the opportunity to have some fun with a very put-together look. The cool thing is, if you’re wearing a traditional long wedding gown, your bold choice is almost a little secretive and can be used as a surprise throughout the night when you choose to show it off, and if you’re wearing a shorter dress, you’re adding more cool flair to your already unique wedding style!

Lace: Another extra romantic choice would be showing off lacy footwear! This is definitely a day to let your girly side shine.


Country: Rustic weddings are so popular, it’s no wonder lots of brides are stepping up that style even more by adding cowboy boots to their look. You can keep it for yourself, or have the bridesmaids rock the same type of shoes.

Victorian: This is another style I’m crazy about! Wearing lace-up boots gives your wedding look a vintage twist. I picture a classy gown and skeleton key favors for the guests. Maybe a birdcage veil thrown in there as well. This just screams “unique” and everyone will applaud not only your love during the day, but your fashion savvy self.

There’s not a bad choice when it comes to footwear on your big day. You know yourself and you know what feels right, so always go with your gut. And don’t be afraid to have your maid of honor hold on to some white flip flops or cute flats for you in case your feet start crying out in pain from your original shoes. Hey, you’ve taken the fancy posed pictures with your husband and bridal party – you can let your feet breathe on the dance floor!

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