Ideas For Barn Weddings

Deciding on a theme or style for your wedding is the first step in picking out all of the details.  One theme that is becoming increasingly popular is a rustic barn wedding.  Because of this, I thought it would be fun to do an inspiration board filled with ideas for barn weddings.

If you want to have a barn wedding, the very first thing you are going to need to secure is of   course…..a barn!  It’s easy if you have grown up on a farm and have your own….empty barn.  However, if you don’t, there are many farms that are no longer operational and now use their barns as wedding venues.  Since this is a popular wedding theme, you may want to secure you place as early as possible.

Once your place is secure, you can begin working out the rest of the details.  Hopefully, this inspiration board will spark some more ideas for you.


I love the drapes hanging from the doorway of the barn photo.  They add a certain amount of chicness to the already rustic setting which is a perfect blend for a rustic wedding.

Since the wedding is taking place in a barn, it seems appropriate that the bride wear something such as cowboy boots.  The words “just hitched” written on the bottoms is a fun play on words.

Mason jars make great vases for a rustic style wedding.  You can either use vintage mason jars for an older more rustic look or purchase a box of new ones and add rustic touches.

Bringing out some bales of hay for additional seating outside is a perfect idea for keeping with the theme.  The look is softened with pillows and fabric seating areas.

Instead of having place cards at the tables, why not string the seating arrangements on a branch for guests to pick up?

Here is where you can find some of the specifics:


You can find these

place cards from

Love Fern Boutiques

but you are on your own for the branches.  If I were doing this, I would set up two fairly straight birch logs on a table.  I would drill a hole in each log to fit the end of a branch on each side and then I would just hook the place cards onto the branch with Christmas ornament hooks.  The branch or branches stay in place and nothing gets messed up when a guest unhooks their card…..especially the middle one!

rustic-wedding-invitationsThe rustic wedding invitation can be purchased from Akimbo Designs.

The invitation is actually printed on real wood veneer which makes it the perfect choice for a rustic barn wedding.

I hope you have been inspired!


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