DIY Wedding Favor: Wine Cork Keychain

I have made a variety of stylish keychains, out of recycled wine corks, and have decided to create one especially designed for a wedding favor.  They are so simple and affordable to make and there are so many ways to customize them that they make the perfect project for a DIY bride.

My wine cork keychain wedding favor includes a thank you charm as a show of appreciation to all of the guests for joining in the celebration.


Along with the charm, I added a colored bead which should complement the color of your wedding.  Here are the details for making this keychain wedding favor:

DIY Wedding Favor:

Materials Needed:

SPLIT RINGS – You can buy a bag of about 50 of these from a craft store for only $2.99.  I bought mine from Joann.




SCREW EYES – A package of these from Home Depot was $7.99 for 100.  Any hardware store would sell these.  Get the smallest ones.





BEADS – Pick beads in your wedding color or colors.  There are so many styles to choose from that you can start having some fun here!




EYE PINS – You can find these in any craft store in the beading section.  The prices  vary depending on the metal finish you choose.





CHARMS – I found these Thank You charms at Joann in their bridal supply aisle.  A box of 20 was $2.99.  They also had other charms with different messages such as “love”.




Other supplies:  glue, wire cutters


  1. Dab the screw eye in glue and then screw it into the top of the wine cork.
  2. Attach your split ring to the eye of the screw.
  3. Cut about a half inch off the length of your eye pin with your wire cutters or tin snips (scissors would probably work too).
  4. Attach the charm to the eye of the pin.
  5. String your bead onto the pin.
  6. Dab the pin in some glue.
  7. Insert the pin into the bottom of the cork by gently pushing and twisting.

A wine cork keychain would be a great wedding favor to use at a wedding taking place at a winery.  Of course, if you are serving wine at any wedding it would be a good choice!



    • Renee
      Renee says:

      I would recommend E6000 craft glue – it never fails me! If it seems that the hole for the eye pin is too large, you could also use wood glue which would secure the pin and fill the gap at the same time.

  1. bits says:

    Do you sell the material or the wine cork?
    I’m from Taiwan (in Asia), I have no idea where I can buy the materil.
    Thanks a lot.

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