Affordable Wedding Venues That Offer A Big Bang For The Buck

The first step in planning your wedding is securing your venue.  This, of course, is a major cost item which can eat the biggest chunk out of your wedding budget.  However, if you think outside of the box, you can get the wedding of your dreams at an affordable price.

Usually popular venues that are highly advertised and offer all of the bells and whistles come with a price.  If this price just happens to not be in your budget, you still have options!

Affordable wedding venues can be found with just a little more time and energy.   Many of these venues may not be used primarily for weddings or even advertised.  I will give you some tips on where to find them.

If you have your heart set on one of the more popular venues, there are even ways to secure one of them at a lower cost.

How To Find A Wedding Venue:

1.  Contact the Chamber Of Commerce for the area that you want to have your wedding.  They are a great resource for weddings including unique venues like parks, common areas and beaches which often are free or very low in cost.

The Field Museum - Grand Lubell Photography

2.  Consider museums, art galleries, or any other unique building or area that would be pretty to use.  These are often less expensive than traditional venues especially since you can pick your own caterer.  Often the architecture and character of some of these buildings make a perfect back drop for an elegant wedding.




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3.  Some commercial barns are now being used primarily for weddings and are an affordable option where you bring in your own caterers.  You could also check into private barns being rented.  A barn offers a warm serene rustic chic environment.

4.  Traditional venues that aren’t highly advertised.  Because they are not advertised, they are harder to find so keep your eyes and ears open!  You can search on-line for venues in your area and at least get a listing.  Don’t discard a place just because it may not seem popular.  Go visit and you may be pleasantly surprised and find that the costs that they saved in advertising are reflected in the cost of the venue.

Tips For Securing A Popular Vendor On A Budget:

1.  Book your wedding on a Friday or Sunday.  Most venues offer a significant discount for these weekend days verses a Saturday.

2.  If you must have your wedding on Saturday, book it early in the day.  A wedding at high noon with the reception immediately following is still elegant and offers a big discount.

3.  Have your wedding during an off season month, like November through March, will afford you better prices than the peak period of April through October.  Winter weddings can be beautiful especially when you play up all of the white, silver and crystal.




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