Vintage Wedding Card Box Idea

Vintage weddings are hot right now with props from the 1920’s era being used in photos and reception decorations.

One item that is used probably more often than most is a vintage suitcase.  If you are looking for a unique card box idea for your vintage wedding, then a suitcase may be just what you need.

I transformed an old case, that had a great exterior, into something suitable to be displayed at the reception gift table for my daughter.

The inside needed quite a bit of work but it was nothing that couldn’t be made over with some decorative craft paper, die cut letters, chalk board paper, vintage inspired flowers, lace, a vintage key, and duct tape (yes really!).


First I had to tear out the original fraying fabric lining of the case and give the wood a good cleaning with an oxy cleaner.  Vintage cases often have a musty smell which this took care of nicely.

I then painted the inside of the case white.  It gave me a fresh palette to work with.

Are you wondering where the duct tape came in?  This particular case had the outer lining material overlapping to the inside.  When I tore out the inner fabric, the overlap adhesion was coming apart.  I could have glued it back down but it wasn’t the most pretty with uneven edges.  So….I found black duct tape with polka dots that would had a little whimsy to the edge.  Not only did it hold down the overlap but it added a decorative trim.

Next, I glued in my decorative vintage craft paper that has a nice soft embossed texture to it.  Since it was not the same size as my case, I added lace to the seam at the bottom.

Originally, I was planning on buying chalk board paint for the lid.  However, I found some very cool chalk board craft paper at Joann that made the job so much easier.  I just glued it to the center lid and rubbed chalk on it and erased to give it a more used look.

I glued a row of lace to the top, with fabric glue, to clip my die cut letters to.  I attached them with brad clips so they could be easily taken off after the wedding.

To get the suitcase to stay open without leaning against a wall, I added bracelet chain to the inside and attached it with tacks at the inside lid and base.

I hung a vintage key from the lace and glued my flowers to the bottom corner and I was all set!

The only thing left is for my daughter to write a special message on the chalk board for her guests to read.



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