11 Unique ideas for your reception’s table numbers

The ceremony just wrapped up and people are starting to gather up their things to move on to the next stop: The reception. My advice? Wipe the tears from your eyes one last time and book it to the location with place cards! You don’t want to meander around because when you finally get there, you might have to elbow your way through the crowd to try and find your name/table number (especially if you’re not 6 feet tall AKA able to see anything). People can get pretty creative with these things…so here are some ideas for you to consider:

1. Set the time on vintage clocks to correspond to the numbers

You can make the decision to either have the place card to read “Table 3” or “3:00”, and then have vintage clocks put on the different tables set to the correct times. This is something I’m definitely going to do!

2. Flashback fun
This is a cute way to see how you two lovebirds grew up: Feature a picture of each of you at the age the table represents. Doing table numbers this way could really bring on the laughs and/or the “awws”, so yes, it’s understandable if the bride or groom doesn’t feel up to showing off their “adorkable” awkward stages on such an important day of their lives (although I’m sure the guests would absolutely love it!) 😉


3. Bottle it up (like the Sara Bareilles song)
There are so many different options for table numbers incorporating bottles. Use mason jars (ubiquitous these days when it comes to weddings) with the number placed or written on the outside. Another option is attaching the number to the lid of the jar so it’s on top and easy to spot. Fun DIY project: Put chalkboard paint on one of the sides and write out the number of the table. That would actually work for a wine bottle as well! Otherwise, to keep the wine bottles looking extra chic and professional, print out your own labels to be showcased. Keep it basic with only “Table 4”, or feature your names, your new last initial, or your monogram as well.

4. Chalkboards
Speaking of chalkboards…if you don’t want to involve a jar, just use the board itself! This would be an especially cool thing to do if you’re going to use chalkboards elsewhere in your wedding, like a written out menu, a welcome message, or an introduction to your bridal party with their names and how you met.

5. Get crafty with wooden blocks or frames

Both the wooden numbers and framed numbers are a couple of the most popular ways I’ve seen table numbers done. They always look classy and give that “cherry on top” touch to a more rustic-styled wedding. You can boost the style even more by adding romantic doilies or additional wooden pieces such as candles or boxes with flowers.

6. Open the door to love (almost literally)

Well, I’d say this fits into a rustic theme as well! The cut out door knobs are very interesting and definitely one of a kind. They would be great complements for skeleton key wedding favors, if you wanted to attach a key to every guests’ place card.

7. Pump up your theme with a sign

Let’s say you’re aiming for a wedding with touches of the 1940s – why not create a vintage “flapper-like” sign for each table number? Or you might be into bright carnival colors (maybe even an old theatrical marquee light has found its way into your decor) – what better way to keep the theme flowing than with a perfectly designed sign? These additions are clever and sweet!

8. Embroidered looks
How cute is this?! Another DIY option that allows you to add your personal touch to the style. Plus, this could be an activity to do with your bridesmaids  – you can sip mimosas and share some gossip while keeping your fingers busy, or delegate numbers to your maids with enough time for them to complete the projects on their own.


9. A novel romance
There are ways to skip the numbers altogether, and one option is directing your guests to tables with a different book at each one. Decide between framing book covers or featuring the actual book.

10. Fun facts
This is a fun way to entertain your guests as they find their tables! Whether it’s “6 things you don’t know about the bride and groom”, “11 days in November they met”, “3 dates they went on before they kissed”, “12 members of the bridal party” (and list their names/how you know them), etc… you can really have a ball with this one. And you know some of your family members/friends will want to read all of the different facts on each table, so it’s a good plan for instant mingling!















11. Write it out
Using scrabble pieces is a great way to make creative signs! Spelling out the number also adds to a literary theme, so if you’re thinking about using books in your decor, this is a perfect touch! Scrabble letters can be used in your programs, invites, and more.

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