DIY project: Marriage License Monogram Craft

We all see the creative projects on Pinterest…some seem impossible to those of us who aren’t natural crafters, but others make us muse, “Hmm, that seems doable!” Well, I stumbled upon a pin one day that showed a letter “A” covered with a copy of someone’s marriage license. I saw this monogram craft about a month before getting married, so it definitely stuck with me and caused me to get a few more copies of our marriage license than what I normally would.

I wanted to create my project on a wooden letter, so all I needed was that, two copies of my marriage license, a paint brush, and mod podge! Seriously. That’s my kind of project!

The license itself was smaller than I had hoped for the craft, so that’s why I needed two copies – the words on one was not enough to cover my entire letter, as shown in this first picture. At first, I thought maybe this would work. After all, it had all the words from the license on it and it looked “kind of cool” to have some pieces of the wood showing. However, once I received some hesitant reactions from my family members, I decided that yeah, they were right and I had to finish filling in the spaces, even though I wasn’t sure how I’d do it. That’s when I looked at the second copy and figured it might look cool to cut up that one in random pieces to fill in the gaps – that way I’d have the first license showcased as “readable”, and the second license would give a collage element to the rest of the project.

The final project turned out just like I had envisioned it! And how to get the look?

– Cut up the certificate in the pieces you want and fit them to the letter to make sure you like the way it looks.
– Mod podge (use a paint brush to spread the product) the area of the wood that the first piece is going to go, then mod podge the back of the first piece. Place the piece on the wood and then mod podge over both. Do this for all pieces.

I’m seriously obsessed with how easy this was and how great it turned out, even when I was clueless when I first started. So fun!

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