Best wedding movies to get you ready for your big day!

I think most of us ladies appreciate a good chick flick, and what’s better than enjoying a romantic comedy centered around a wedding during the same time you’re planning yours? Whether it’s for inspiration, a laugh, etc… here are some of the best wedding movies for any bride-to-be:

The Wedding Planner
I first saw this when I was maybe 12-13 years old? And after that first time, I think all I remembered was how Matthew McConaughey got his hand crazy-glued to that statue’s private parts. Gasp. But after seeing it more recently, I got so much more out of it. Including, WOW, Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy plays the “buddy-buddy friend” to Jennifer Lopez! Anyway, the way J.Lo handles all of her love problems along with her clients’ wedding issues with ease will make you feel like you can take on anything! So make use of that burst of inspiration and energy for the next few hours, because yes, it will fade after you start to see your budget disappearing before your eyes (only half-kidding!).

Bride Wars
So, yeah, it’s every girl’s worst nightmare to have her wedding on the same day as her best friend. You’d think it’d be totally avoidable, but this flick shows one way it can happen and the hilarious events that follow as the two stubborn ladies continue to plan their weddings and become more and more enraged with each other. But what you’ll take away from the movie is how important friendship is (and how gorgeous their wedding dresses are…) and you may cry. I really don’t think I’m the only person who’s cried while watching it. Right? RIGHT?

We’ve all seen it and loved it, and now you just have another excuse to put it on! It’s great for a laugh when you’re feeling a little bit like a Bridezilla (you’ll probably relate more to Kristen Wiig than Maya Rudolph!). Or, you’ll just feel beyond happy that your MOH hasn’t freaked out that bad and isn’t the type to get you kicked off a plane on the way to your bachelorette party (or at least you don’t think she will!) 😉

Runaway Bride
First of all, Richard Gere is a gorgeous man and that’s reason enough to watch this one. But with Julia Roberts’ quirky mannerisms and nervous tendencies, you’ll want to see her get the same happily ever after that you know you’ll be getting in the end as well!

27 Dresses
A sweet movie that reminds you of how you felt when all of your friends were in serious, great relationships and didn’t think you’d ever find the perfect guy for you…and then makes you appreciate the fact that you DID find your match, and probably not after being in 27 different weddings beforehand, either!

Father of the Bride
Can’t forget that special guy! Offering some comic relief to the craziness of weddings, Steve Martin plays the part of stressed out dad to a T. Traditionally, the brides’ parents pay for the wedding, so this may be a great flick to watch with yours and laugh altogether as you prepare for one of the most memorable days in life for all of you.

Just know that after you watch videos taken at your wedding, you’re gonna have a brand new favorite wedding movie! 🙂

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  1. wedding movies says:

    Great list! Wedding Crashers has got to be the best wedding movie of all time though. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have set the standard with this raunchy, laugh out loud, romantic comedy. The movie was so popular that it spawned real-life copycats, spin-off reality television shows, and YouTube remix videos.

    Then on top of that there are two unlikely love stories throughout!

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