10 Creative DIY Wedding Signs

A sign is probably the best way for giving direction, commands, and information.  When we see a red stop sign, we immediately know what to do…..or at least we should!  People are just naturally wired to look for a sign…..sometimes in a more spiritual way!  We all want direction and the comfort of knowing we are in the right place at the right time doing what we are supposed to do.

That is why it makes total sense to use signs at your wedding for directing people and providing them with important information.

You probably don’t want to use a flaming red stop sign or a flashy billboard for directing people though.  So….

I found ten very creative ways that you can make your own wedding signs.  These DIY wedding signs are subtle and decorative while still getting the message, you want to bring, across.

1.  Picket Fence Signs by My Repurposed Life:

picket fence signs

Reclaimed wood such as an old picket fence makes a perfect base for a rustic wedding sign, especially when it has that white distressed paint!  Paint your words on using stencils or by hand and hang with twine.  A picket fence is great to use for directional signs because of the natural point at one end!

2.  Stained Plywood Signs by Mint Love Social Club:

stained plywood signs

Staining plywood for sandwich board signs is a brilliant idea.  It gives a rich club feel especially with the bold letter styling.  These signs use card stock letters instead of paint which you can either purchase or print off the letters yourself.

3.  Repurposed Wedding Sign by Project Wedding:

repurposed wedding sign

Ladies keep your eyes open for holiday sales at craft stores!  Can you believe that this elegant wedding sign was once a freakish Halloween sign that said “Wrong Way” in a ghoulish green?  Stores like Michaels and Joann have amazing sales after the holidays and Michaels is where this sign was picked up.  Just repaint the message and you have a quick and easy directional wedding sign.

4.  Vintage Framed Chalkboard Signs by Hey Gorg:

vintage framed chalkboard signs

Vintage picture frames + chalkboard paint = fantastic wedding signs!  You can collect vintage frames, with or without pictures in them, from flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops.  This project uses wood inserts in place of the glass.  However, I have made chalkboard signs like this and simply painted right over the glass.  You just need to do several thin coats of paint.  Either way, you get a great looking chalk board sign!

5.  A Chalkboard Look With White Font And Black Background by Wedding Bee:

faux chalkboard sign

Maybe you want something a little neater than your own handwriting on a chalkboard.  This project actually uses a mason jar graphic and fonts printed out in white.  Chalk was rubbed over the entire surface to make it look authentic.

6.  Chalkboard And Playing Cards Seating Sign by Ruffled:

chalkboard and playing card sign

This unique idea combines a chalkboard and playing cards.  The guests find their seat number by the card displayed below their name.

7.  Window Wedding Signs by Hello Cupcake:

window sign

It’s easy to get the writing on a window sign just right.  All you have to do is print out what you want on paper, place the paper behind the window, and then trace over it with a white chalk marker!  Old shabby white windows with panes are a great look for weddings.

8.  Directional Sign Post via The Huffington Post:

directional sign post

You may have been wondering how to incorporate a whole directional sign post into your decor.  After all, most places won’t let you dig a hole to secure a pole!  No worries!  Just plant your pole into a large planter or bucket of some type and fill with dirt.  An added bonus is that you get to plant a few flowers as well!

9.  Banner Wedding Signs by Nerdy And Hip:

banner signs

Banner signs are quite popular and can be used to spell out whatever you want.  They make great photo props and table or wall decor.

10.  Embellished Small Chalkboard Signs by Wedding By Color:

diy wedding signs

And finally, here is a cute idea to mark the seats of honor.  The oval pieces of wood can be purchased from a craft store.  Then just paint and add some fun embellishments to glam them up a bit.

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