An argument in favor of sending out Save the Dates via email

Before I got engaged, I had no idea just how many formalities you have to worry about with wedding-related things. I’ve read so many articles and paragraphs on how to properly word your invitations in order to make everything crystal clear and avoid offending anyone (I didn’t realize that an invitation to come enjoy free alcohol and food and celebrate love would ever offend anyone!). Luckily, I don’t have to worry about sending out those dreaded perfectly-phrased invites for another few months! However, I did just recently find myself in a pickle when it came to sending out our Save the Dates…

Besides phrasing things all fancy, another worry I have with sending things out is actually the task of physically sending them out – getting enough stamps, making sure I have everyone’s correct addresses, writing them all out, LICKING the envelopes (my least favorite thing), etc… That’s why it was a no-brainer to me when I was planning our Save the Dates to send them out in one big email instead. Here are some other points besides avoiding the things I listed above:

1. Emails are FAST
I sent out the message last night and already I’ve gotten multiple emails and texts from friends/family saying they received it and how much they liked it. If I don’t hear from certain people who may not check their email very frequently, I know to give them a call in a week or two just to make sure they are up to date with everything.

2. They can link to online information
Using the whole “make your own wedding website” on The Knot made my life a whole lot easier. It’s great to be able to say to our guests, “Hey, everything you need to know is at this site, check it out.” By emailing the Save the Date and putting the website somewhere in that message, people are already on their computers or phones and can easily open up a new tab/window to look it up.

3. They’re good for quick-fixes
When I planned to use the internet as my outlet to send these out, I sent a couple of friends and my mom and sister a couple of ideas for the exact image I wanted to use in the email. While everyone was supportive and gave good feedback, no one told me that I typed out the wrong website URL when I referred to our wedding site – I added a period where there definitely wasn’t one. However, approximately two minutes after sending out the emails to everyone on the guest list for real, I got a text from my sister and a phone call from one of my best friends about the wrong info. As frustrating and embarrassing as that scenario is, it took again, approximately two minutes, for me to fix the text error on the photo (yeah photoshop!) and I was able to send out a follow-up email laughing at my mistake and directing everyone to the correct website before most people even looked at the original message. It wouldn’t have been so easy if the wrong info was on a postcard that I mailed out! (And don’t lecture me about how it wouldn’t be a problem if I quadruple-checked everything. I know. I can’t believe it happened either.)

4. They’re still printable
My sister can be very traditional and when I told her on the phone a while back that the plan was to email the Save the Dates, she gave a long pause before giving me reasons why she didn’t think it was a great idea. When someone receives this type of message in the mail, the first thing they typically do is put it on their bulletin board or refrigerator. Wouldn’t make sense to find a thousand magnets to hold up your laptop on the fridge! That wasn’t her point – her point was that without the ability to put the reminder in a place where someone is constantly around, it would be extremely easy for guests to forget about it altogether. I decided that along with putting in some text in the body of the email about visiting the website that’s written on the photo we sent, I would also point out to our guests that they can easily print out the picture and put it up on their fridge. She also made the point that people get hundreds of emails a day and could potentially flip through it without paying attention or delete it accidentally. My response: I’m not having a big wedding – we’re planning on less than 100 people and they’re all either friends we’re constantly talking to (or could get in touch with easily to catch up), or family members who have been asking us for the wedding date since before we were even engaged…I don’t think they are going to forget to “save the date” even if they do lose or forget to look at the email. I’ll be reminding everyone frequently of when it is throughout the next few months, don’t you worry.

No, it’s not the traditional way of doing things since emailing people hasn’t been around forever, but it makes sense if you’re interested in doing it. I don’t get as excited when I get an email as I do when I get something in the mail, but I think that’s only because if it’s not a bill, I feel like I’m time-traveling and that’s pretty cool. And if brides are deciding to wear pink gowns, I think I’m allowed to send out an email that clearly states “Formal invitations to follow”. The end!

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