Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Coming up with wedding decorations is both a lot of fun and a bit frustrating all at the same time when you are trying to coordinate your colors, theme and overall mood.  Not to mention the fact that cost and difficulty level play important roles in your choices as well!

Wedding centerpieces are one of those items that you want to keep fairly simple, especially when you have several tables, but also have an eye catching design.

I have found several wedding centerpiece ideas that are both affordable and easy to put together so that you can cross once stresser off your list!

Here are my top five favorites:

1.  Rustic Jars Wrapped In Twine

jars wrapped in twine

photo via All Womens Talk

A simple idea of wrapping jars with twine is so elegant, especially when the jars are filled with white flowers.  You can choose to use either fresh or silk flowers and any type of jar of your choosing.  Even rustic mason jars would make an excellent choice!

2.  Candy Centerpieces


photo via Stagetecture

I love the concept of candy filled vases as the base for silk flowers.  This is a beautiful example for a Christmas time wedding.  Any color candy could be used to make this work for all times of the year.

3.  Submerged Flowers and Floating Candle Centerpiece

submerged flowers and floating candle

photo via Petal and Bean

It doesn’t require a lot to get such simple elegance.  Submerging flowers is quite popular and the look is so pretty.  When the candles are lit, it just adds to the romance.

4.  Flowers And Faux Glass Rock

rock and flowers centerpiece

photo via Wedd Book

Here is a similar look but instead of using water the bottom of the vase is filled with faux glass stones.  This option adds a little more sparkle and would be especially good for reflecting the light if you won’t be lighting candles.

5.  Candle Centerpiece

candle centerpiece

photo via New Centerpiece Ideas

And finally, a grouping of candles makes a great, simple and elegant centerpiece.  I am absolutely loving this idea of placing a group of pillar candles on a slab of pine with some wood burning.  This is so perfect for a rustic wedding but it could really be used for any style!

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