Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Groom and groomsmen attire used to be a simple affair.  A visit to the local tuxedo shop was all that was needed and there were only a small handful of choices in styles and colors.

Today, however, the men are dressing with a lot more originality.  You may still see the formal tux here and there but more often than not the men are wearing something a little more casual and comfortable.

Some fun accessories may also be thrown in like hats, suspenders and colorful pocket handkerchiefs.

To give you a little inspiration, I picked a few fun ensembles to show you that are quite popular right now.

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via Bridal Guide

Suits are very popular!  Having the groomsmen wear a different color than the groom sets the groom apart nicely.  The sunglasses are a fun accessory for pictures.

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via wedding bee

Another popular idea is having the groomsmen wear just vests when the groom wears a full suit.  Changing up the tie color between the groom and groomsmen is a fun idea as well.  Again, the groom is in a totally different color, setting him apart from the others.

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via Wedding Bee

For something truly unique, this fun idea will stand out and be noticed.  Who says you can’t throw in some playful patterns and a splash of bright color?

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via Loverly

Bow ties and suspenders!  This combination cries out vintage fun.  There is nothing boring about this groom and groomsmen attire!

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via My Amazing Fabulous Life Of My Dreams

Maybe you want to go with basic blue suits…… can always add a little wild excitement with the socks!

groom and groomsmen attire

photo via My Wedding

And, for a beach or destination wedding, this is a great example of some casual dress for the men.

I hope you have been inspired!



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