DIY Wedding Program Sign Idea

A sometimes overlooked detail for the wedding ceremony that is really nice to have done is some sort of wedding program.  Included in this program is usually the list of your bridal party, details of the ceremony and reception, and any other information that you would like to share with your guests.

There are several creative ways to make individual wedding programs to be passed out to each guest which you can see a sampling of here.

However, if you are not up to creating or purchasing individual wedding programs, there is another way of providing guests with all of your information.

You can make a wedding program sign!

This is what we did for my daughter’s vintage style wedding.  We used an old six pane window as the base for the wedding program sign.  The idea was to make it into a chalk board sign.  Except I did it a little bit different.

Instead of painting the front of the glass with the chalkboard paint, I painted the back.  This way the writing surface would actually be on the glass, which makes it super easy with a chalk marker.  The marker glides over the glass, stays on perfectly, and then wipes off easily when the wedding is over.

I could have painted the front of the glass too for an actual matte chalkboard but then I would have had to use real chalk which is messy and doesn’t show up quite as well as a chalk marker.

Here is how the sign turned out:

wedding program sign

We just placed the sign toward the entrance to the ceremony so that everyone could see it before being seated.  The result is the same as passing out individual wedding programs but it can be more cost effective just making one sign.

Which way would you prefer?

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