Long Hair Wedding Styles

Besides picking out your dress, styling your hair can be one of the biggest fashion choices you will make for your wedding day.  If you happen to have long hair, then the options available to you are seemingly endless.

The question you will have to ask yourself is do you want to wear it up, down or somewhere in between.  A lot will depend on the type of dress you are wearing and the style of wedding you are having.

However, to help you decide on a style, I have come up with a collection of ideas that are both beautiful and versatile for a wide range of wedding and dress themes.

So sit back and enjoy this gallery of long hair wedding styles!

long hair wedding styles

This style is pretty and romantic with the sleek and straight bang area combined with the flowing curls.  Think about hair accessories for further styling.  Added flowers work well for a beach wedding or a sparkly tiara for a more formal setting.  The hair down also looks great with a strapless dress.

long hair wedding styles long hair wedding styles

Notice how these two styles are similar?  They both have most of the hair pulled back with all of the girls flowing down the back.  However, since the first style is obviously for the beach, the curls are a little looser, some bangs are left out, and flowers are the accessory.  The second style is more formal with tighter curls, a polished look, and a sparkly tiara.

long hair wedding styles

If you have real long thick hair it can be hard to get it all in to an up-do.  This style is super elegant and chic.

long hair wedding styles

Incorporating a braid is a fun look.

An up-do with lots of twists!

long hair wedding styles

This sleek and elegant pony has a ton of interest with the added small braids.  It is the perfect hair style to go with the dress!



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