How To Make Brooch Bouquets

If you are having a vintage inspired wedding or you are seeking an alternative other than flowers for your bouquets, you may want to consider brooch bouquets.

For my daughter’s wedding I made her bridal bouquet plus six bridesmaid brooch bouquets….that’s a lot of brooches!  So how do you do that affordably?  Ebay!  The key is to start as early as possible.  There are all kinds of people selling “lots” of brooches on Ebay, meaning groupings of 10 to even 100.  Start bidding and don’t be tempted to overbid – you WILL win some.  Just be patient!  Etsy is another good resource.  Shop around for your best deals.  I even picked up some random brooches at Joann and Michaels with a 40% off coupon.  **For my daughter’s bouquet, we were lucky enough to have several beautiful brooches given to us from her grandma.  This made the bouquet all the more sentimental.  You could ask each bridesmaid if they had any brooches from a relative that they would like incorporated into their bouquet.

This is how the bouquets turned out:

brooch bouquets

bridal brooch bouquet

bridesmaid brooch bouquet

how to make brooch bouquets

how to make brooch bouquets

how to make brooch bouquets by

Materials Needed For Bridal Brooch Bouquet:

  • lots of brooches (50-75, depending on size – for vintage: collect from grandmothers what you can or buy on ebay; you can also get vintage inspired brooches from craft stores like Michaels or Joann – use coupons!!)
  • 22 gauge florist wire – you want the wire to be sturdy enough to hold a brooch without flopping
  • floral tape – color shouldn’t matter since the tape will ultimately be covered up with fabric but I used cream
  • 2 stems of silk hydrangea – some of the petals will show through the brooches so choose a color that you will coordinate with your brooch colors, dress, or wedding color.  I chose ivory.
  • 2 cream feather stems
  • about an 18″ x 4″ piece of tulle, lace, or any fabric of your choice for the neck – I used a section out of my own wedding dress (something borrowed)
  • florist pearl topped pins (the kind that are used to pin on corsages)
  • jewelry glue
  • lace trim
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • needle nose pliers

I used the tutorial provided by Fancy Pants Wedding.  Basically, you attach 3 strands of 12 inch wire to brooches, by the pin, and wrap each wire in floral tape.  Then you insert the brooch flower stems into the silk hydrangeas, which are your base for the bouquet.  I added two feather stems  along the bottom before wrapping all of the wires together with more floral tape. For the bridal bouquet, I also added a section of the tulle from my wedding dress at the base of the bouquet which also got wrapped around the base with the floral tape.  Finally, the handle of stems was finished off with some sections of lace wrapped and glued in place with fabric glue.  The bottom of the handle was finished with the corsage pins that were simply inserted into the bottom of the handle so that just the pearls showed at the bottom.  If any of the brooches fit loosely at the top, I added just a touch of jewelry glue to hold them in place.  Most were just fine. Check out the tutorial for detailed instructions.

For displaying the bouquets, I revamped a vintage tool box to use as both a carrier and a display for when the bouquets were not in use.  Watch for that upcoming tutorial!



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