A Vintage Themed Wedding: Kelsey and Chris

There is something about a vintage themed wedding that is all the more heart warming and romantic.  Maybe it is the added sentimentality that goes with the vintage decor or thoughts of simpler times…..

Let me just show you what I mean!

wedding window sign

photo by Katy O Photo


A warm welcome and alternative to a paper program using a vintage window!

tears of joy hankies

photo by Katy O Photo

You don’t want to go far before grabbing a hankie for “tears of joy” from another vintage window frame.

pocket watches and vintage keys

Photos by Katy O Photo

Pocket watches and vintage keys for the guys.

brooch bouquet


Vintage brooch bouquets for the girls.

vintage dress

All that lace is soooo romantic!

after ceremony

wedding shoes

photo by Katy O Photo

Let’s walk into the reception!

wedding cake and centerpiece

wedding cake by Bakers Nook - Ann Arbor, MI

The bases for the wedding cake and the centerpieces were made from layers of two by fours that were glued and bolted together.  The initials were branded right into the wood from a custom branding iron that was made by the father of the bride.  He welded the pieces together to create the brand and then heated the iron in a camp fire to sear the wood.

vintage suitcase card box

A vintage suitcase is used to hold all of the wedding cards.

mason jar and cocktail sign

A rustic frame holds a signature cocktail sign with a vintage mason jar hold the rock candy swizzles to stir it up.

first dance

reception drinks

outside wedding venue

It was a balmy evening for an early October wedding in Michigan!

reception venue

Reception venue - Wellers Weddings: Saline, MI

The reception venue, for this vintage themed wedding, was located at Wellers Weddings in Saline, MI.  Wellers is a historic building that was once used to produce soybean oil.  It has been totally refurbished and is a perfect venue, especially for a vintage wedding.



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