Sticky: Unique Wedding Cake Photos To Inspire You

Besides the bride and groom, of course, the wedding cake is the focus of attention at the reception.  A cake is not just a cake anymore.  It has become quite a showpiece with all kinds of artistic designs and creative styles.

I have put together a collection of wedding cake photos that I find to be exceptionally creative, gorgeous and unique.  I think that you will find them inspirational as you go about designing your own wedding cake.

1.  A Simple Chic Wedding Cake by A Wedding Cake Blog

wedding cake photo

Pearlized snow berry cake by A Wedding Cake Blog

This simple cake would be especially beautiful for a winter wedding with the “snow berries” but is definitely gorgeous for any time of the year.

2.  Rustic Wedding Cake by The Twisted Swifter

rustic wedding cake

Rustic wedding cake by The Twisted Sifter

I thought the flowers on this cake were edible but they are actually little wooden flowers.  I love this for a rustic wedding!

3.  White and Dark Wedding Cake by Regnier Cakes

white and dark wedding cake

White and dark wedding cake by Regnier Cakes

Can’t decide between white and chocolate or his and hers?  This two tone cake is an excellent option!

4.  Chevron Cake by Bakers Nook

chevron wedding cake

Chevron wedding cake by Bakers Nook

A handmade wooden base was made for this cake with the bride and groom’s initials branded into the sides.

5.  Vintage Style Wedding Cake by Boda Bella

vintage style wedding cake

VIntage style wedding cake by Boda Bella

And finally, here is a gorgeous vintage style cake packed full of lacy detail.

What type of wedding are you planning?  Do you have some ideas for your own cake?


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