Ten Unique Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

If you are planning a rustic wedding, then you will want your centerpieces to also reflect that theme.  There is such a wide variety of ideas ranging from very rustic to a more rustic chic style of centerpiece.

I have narrowed down my list to the most unique, creative and eye appealing ideas that I could find.  Some of the ideas are quite simple and others more complex but all of them have that certain “wow” factor.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces:

1.  Wedding Terrarium Centerpiece by Rustic Wedding Chic

wedding terrarium centerpiece

Wedding terrarium centerpiece by Rustic Wedding Chic

A terrarium centerpiece on a rustic wood slab is super unique and the glass dome adds a nice amount of chic.  You can add any type of floral or vintage accessory, that you want to highlight, under that glass.

2.  Vintage Watering Can Centerpiece via Ruffled Blog

vintage watering can centerpiece

Vintage watering can centerpiece via Ruffled Blog

A vintage watering can makes a sweet container for a bright floral arrangement.

3.  Vintage Milk Glass Vases and Rustic Wood Base by Something Borrowed

milk glass vase centerpiece

Vintage milk glass and rustic wood base by Something Borrowed

The rustic wood base is made up of two by fours which are glue together and also bolted with one long bolt through the center.  The square of wood was then cut into a hexagon shape to better fit the small round tables.  A homemade branding iron was used to brand the letters into the wood on all sides.  You could also paint the letters on or use a wood burning tool.  Vintage milk glass vases are popular to use in rustic centerpieces and the vintage clocks were used as table numbers.

4.  Hydrangeas And Baby’s Breath Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty

hydrangeas and baby's breath

Hydrangeas and baby's breath via Style Me Pretty

This simple combination of flowers is perfect for a rustic wedding.  Use them in a variety of vases including mason jars or other vintage containers.

5.  Birch Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty

birch wedding centerpiece

Birch centerpiece via Style Me Pretty

What’s not to like about this birch centerpiece?  Birch is always a great accent in rustic centerpieces.

6.  Wood Box Centerpieces via Ruffled

wood box centerpieces

Wood box centerpieces by Ruffled

The focus of this centerpiece is on the handmade wooden box.  You could make these yourself with salvaged or made to look old wood and hinges.  (Here are some instructions on how to make a wood box).  Or you could either purchase old crates from an antique store or handmade boxes similar to this one from an Etsy store.  I found these boxes at Birch House Market:

rustic wood planter box

Rustic wood planter box for sale by Birch House Market

7.  Mason Jar Centerpiece Idea via Pinterest

mason jar centerpiece

Mason jar centerpiece idea via Pinterest

Mason jars, baby’s breath, burlap, and a wooden box create an ideal rustic centerpiece!

8.  Bridal Table Centerpiece by Celebrations

bridal table centerpiece

Bridal table centerpiece by Celebrations

Here is a gorgeous centerpiece idea that is perfect for the head table.

9.  Lanterns centerpiece by Wildflower Linens

lanterns centerpiece

Lanterns centerpiece via Wildflower Linens

A combination of lanterns and candlelight make the perfect romantic setting.

10.  Old Board Centerpiece Bases via Style Me Pretty

old board centerpiece bases

Old board centerpiece bases via Style Me Pretty

And finally, you can simply use old boards as a quick and easy centerpiece base to give an instant rustic look to your tables.



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