Seven Best Wedding Theme Ideas

One of the first steps in planning your wedding is coming up with a theme.  You don’t have to have a specific theme, of course, but having one certainly helps to coordinate the entire look of your wedding.  It also gives you a nice focus when there are so many options available to you.

I have come up with a list of popular wedding theme ideas along with a few photos of each, for inspiration.

1.  Rustic Wedding Theme

rustic wedding theme

Rustic wedding theme photos via Rustic Wedding Chic

Rustic weddings are fun to decorate with natural elements like pine tree slabs, birch logs, and wild flowers.  Mason jars are also popular to use as vases or candle holders.  As far as venues go, barns are extremely popular as well as outdoor weddings.

2.  Vintage Wedding Theme

vintage wedding theme

Vintage wedding theme photos via Elizabeth Anne Designs, My Wedding, & Wedd Book

A vintage wedding can be one of the most romantic with the nostalgic antiques and vintage lace.  Sometimes a vintage wedding theme and rustic theme intermingle with the use of old books, mason jars, crates, vintage keys, etc.

3.  Beach Wedding Theme

beach wedding theme

Beach wedding theme photos via Elegant Wedding Invites, Favor Studio, & TB Dress

If you are planning a destination wedding on a beach, you can have a lot of fun in keeping with that theme.

4.  Love Bird Wedding Theme

love bird wedding theme

Love bird wedding theme photos via Elizabethe Anne Designs, It's A Brides Life, & Lunarink

5.  Travel Wedding Theme

travel wedding theme

Travel wedding theme photos via TB Dress, Project Wedding, & HWTM

A travel wedding theme is popular if you are having a destination wedding or maybe you just have a love of travel.  Vintage inspired stamps, postcards, luggage, luggage tags and maps are great items to use.

6.  Garden Wedding Theme

garden wedding theme

Garden wedding theme photos via TB Wedding, My Dream Wedding, & Bash Corner

A garden wedding is all the more fresh with lots of cool green and white.

7.  Tiffany And Co Wedding Theme

tiffany and co wedding theme

Tiffany and co. wedding theme photos via Marie Antoinette Cakes, Bespoken Dreams, & Weddings Romantique

Who doesn’t love Tiffany and Co. Jewelry Store?  This makes a fun and pretty wedding theme that is glitzy and chic.


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