A Gallery Of Bridesmaid Dresses

Picking out bridesmaid dresses is probably the second most important styling factor for the wedding ensemble.  Once the bride’s dress is decided on, the shopping for the bridesmaids can begin.  Although the bridesmaid dresses definitely don’t have to match the wedding dress, they probably should be along the same theme.  If the bride’s dress is ultra elegant and formal, you probably wouldn’t want the bridesmaid dresses to be informal and chiffon.  Or, if the bride’s dress is short and informal you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids in long formal gowns.  Just think about how the two would go together in pictures.  If they seem like a drastic difference, then they probably are.

Here are some ideas for bridesmaid dresses to inspire you:

1.  Same Color & Length But Different Styles

purple bridesmaid dresses

Purple bridesmaid dresses photo via Wedding Chicks

Letting your bridesmaids choose their own style of dress is a fantastic idea.  My daughter did this for her wedding and it worked out great.  With so many different body shapes and sizes, having the option of several styles in the same color family helps the girls to better get a perfect fit.  I would recommend also keeping the choice to one fabric as well so that pictures look the best.  Different fabrics will produce a little different shade that will become very apparent in photos.  This is easy to do if you have your bridesmaids purchase their dresses from the same bridal store.  A good place to buy dresses like this is Davids Bridal or most any other bridal store.

2.  Wedding Trend – Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

sequined bridesmaid dresses

Sequined bridesmaid dresses - photo via Belle The Magazine

Sequined bridesmaid dresses are a new trend that add a lot of glitz and glamour to the wedding party.  I am loving these silver sequined dresses especially with the pop of pink in the bouquets.  I found a similar look at Nordstrom.

3.  Same Color Family But Different Shades

bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses - photo via Fashion Diva Design

Here is an idea similar to number one but it goes one step further in allowing a color choice in the same color family.  This allows for even more options with everyone’s tone and it still looks great in pictures.  There is a difference between an array of color differences like this one and having everyone in the same color and just one person being slightly off because of a fabric difference.  I have also seen just the maid of honor wear a different color shade.

4.  Neutral Gray Bridesmaid Dresses Available at YK Dresses

gray bridesmaid dresses

Gray bridesmaid dresses available at YK Dresses

5.  Dusty Shale Bridesmaid Dress available at J Crew

dusty shale bridesmaid dress

Dusty Shale bridesmaid dress available at J Crew

6.  Romantic Blush Bridesmaid Dress by Mod Cloth

pink bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid dress by Mod Cloth

If you would like to see more ideas for bridesmaid dresses, follow my board on Pinterest at Bridesmaid Dresses Board.

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