15 Fantastic DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

There is one little wedding detail, that can sometimes get overlooked.  It can add a lot of impact to one of the star attractions at the wedding reception.  The attraction I am talking about, besides the bride and groom, is the wedding cake.  And, the item that can give it some impact or wow factor is, of course, the wedding cake topper.

There are several different options that you can buy but if you want something truly unique, you might want to make something yourself.  Unlike party favors, escort cards or invitations, this is an item that you only have to make one of so even if you don’t consider yourself a do it yourself bride, you may find that you can tackle just one project.

I have found not just a few but fifteen fantastic diy wedding cake toppers for you to look at.  Just click on the links or photos to go straight to the step by step tutorials to try one of these for yourself.

1.  Clothespin Bride And Groom Cake Topper by Craft Stylish

clothespin bride and groom cake topper

Clothespin bride and groom cake topper by Craft Stylish

This set is so adorable and all the parts can be purchased inexpensively at a craft store like Michaels or Joann.

2.  Felted Love Birds Cake Topper by Cut Out And Keep

felted love birds cake topper

Felted love birds cake topper by Cut Out and Keep

Love bird toppers are a popular trend and these felted birds on the heart stands are just the ticket for some adorable impact.

3.  Gemmed Monogram Cake Topper by Cake Central

gemmed monogram wedding cake topper

Gemmed monogram wedding cake topper by Cake Central

Add some glitzy glamour with this sparkly monogram.

4.  “Just Married” Banner Cake Topper by Flamingos In Raincoats

just married banner cake topper

Banner cake topper by Flamingos in Raincoats

A simple banner is a nice way to get creative with the top of your cake!

5.  Vintage Star Cake Topper by Project Wedding

vintage star cake topper

Vintage star cake topper by Project Wedding

6.  Glittery Heart Toppers by Project Wedding

glittery heart cake toppers

Glittery heart cake toppers by Project Wedding

7.  Just Married Flag Toppers from Something Turquoise

just married flag toppers

Just married flag toppers by Something Turquoise

8.  Clay X O Wedding Cake Topper by The Knotty Bride

clay x o cake topper

Clay cake topper by The Knotty Bride

9.  Christmas Tree Wedding Cake Toppers by DIY Network

Christmas tree cake toppers

Christmas tree cake toppers by DIY Network

If you are having a Winter wedding, these Christmas tree cake toppers would be absolutely gorgeous!

10.  Pine Cone Wedding Cake Toppers by Wedding Bee

pine cone wedding cake toppers

Pine cone wedding cake toppers by The Wedding Bee

11.  Ampersand Wedding Cake Topper by The DIY Playbook

ampersand wedding cake topper

Ampersand wedding cake topper by DIY Playbook

This ampersand makes such a pretty topper and if you didn’t want to use the ampersand symbol, you could also use your monogram.

12.  DIY Seashell Wedding Cake Topper by Something Turquoise

diy seashell wedding cake topper

diy seashell wedding cake topper by Something Turquoise

13.  Photo Wedding Cake Topper by Original Weddings

photo wedding cake topper

Photo wedding cake topper by Original Weddings

Using photos for the cake top is a simple idea that is cute, personal and unique.

14.  Glitter Heart Cake Toppers by Made From Scratch

glitter heart toppers

Glitter heart toppers by Made From Scratch

15.  Pom Pom Cake Toppers via Style Me Pretty – Get the tutorial at 6Bittersweets

pom pom cake topper

Pom pom cake topper via Style Me Pretty


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