Unique Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bridal bouquet is another one of those focal points that needs to be considered with some care.  Although, it is not the main focal point as you walk down the aisle, it will be very visible.  It also will most likely be in a number of photos.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a bridal bouquet idea, I have come up with several unique ideas to help inspire you.  All of these are just a little different from what you would expect from a traditional bouquet.  Maybe you will see an idea that is as unique as you are!

1.  Brooch Bridal Bouquet

brooch bouquets

Brooch bouquet by Something Borrowed

Instead of having a floral bouquet, you could have one made up of vintage brooches.  I made these for my daughter’s wedding with a mix of vintage and new brooches.

2.  White rose and pearl bridal bouquet by Perfect Wedding Day

white rose and pearl bridal bouquet

Rose and pearl bouquet by Perfect Wedding Day

Here is a beautiful ideas using just white roses and baby’s breath and having faux pearls draped throughout.

3.  Pearl bridal bouquet via Wedding O Mania

pearl bridal bouquet

Pearl bridal bouquet via Wedding O Mania

I would think you could make this with pearl beads and some medium gauge craft wire or wire strong enough to hold its shape.  This looks like an artistic blend of weaving stands of beads into loops and probably bringing the wired ends all down together to form the handle which is then wrapped with fabric or ribbon.

4.  Buttons and beads bouquet by Love Shav

buttons and beads wedding bouquet

Buttons and beads bouquet by Love Shav


5.  Feather Bridal Bouquet by Wedding Conversations

feather bridal bouquet

Feather bridal bouquet by Wedding Conversations

This idea looks especially cool for a winter wedding.  Very dramatic and interesting!

6.  Pinecone Bridal Bouquet by Rustic Wedding Chic

pinecone bridal bouquet

Pinecone bridal bouquet by Rustic Wedding Chic

And finally, probably the most unique bridal bouquet idea of all would be a bouquet made up of pinecones!  However, this is a fantastic idea for a rustic wedding.


  1. Juan Carlo says:

    Amazing and unique ideas that will surely fit to the beautiful gown of the bride. It illustrates creativeness and can also show the personality of the bride through this beautiful bouquets.

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