A Gallery Of Wedding Photography Poses

One of the most important details in any wedding is going to be the photography.  There is nothing else that is going to capture the memories of the big day like snapshots of key moments and all the special people involved.

To give those memories the most artistic touch and to have the ability to look back with more than just a fleeting thought, you will want to have poses that truly capture the emotion  and theme of the day.

I have put together a gallery of wedding photography poses that do a great job of doing just that.  Hopefully you will find these ideas to be inspiring for your own wedding.

wedding photography pose

Wedding photography pose by Sweet Monday Photography as seen on Wedding Chicks

Using props is a fun idea to enhance photography poses.  This large ampersand is especially sweet.

rainy day wedding photo

Rainy day wedding photo by Vesic Photography as seen on Bridal Guide

Not all is lost if your wedding day is rainy!  I think a photo like this is ultra romantic.

wedding photography pose

Wedding photography pose by Ashfall Mixed Media as seen on Bridal Guide

Here is a unique way to get a group shot of the entire wedding party with the focus on the bride and groom.

wedding photography pose

Flower girl pose by Emin Photography

Here is a unique and adorable flower girl shot!

fun wedding photo pose

Fun Wedding photo idea by West Side Magnet

A moment captured getting ready before the wedding with champagne!

groomsmen photo

Groomsmen photo by Plumtree Studios

Here is a comical idea for the groomsmen with the unexpected “showing of the ring” by the groom!

rustic wedding photo

Wedding photography pose by Things I Love About Weddings

A “somewhat” sexy pose!

three hands wedding photo

Three hands wedding photo by Megan W Photography

Photographing hands in this way is an artistic and creative way to show off three generations.  It’s also an interesting way to capture the change in ring styles throughout the years.

I hope you have been inspired!

Watch for more photography collections to come in a variety of themes.

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