Here is where you will find answers to those frequently asked wedding questions along with the questions submitted by all of you.  Currently, the FAQs listed are by order received.

We will offer our opinions as well as the advice from prominent professionals dealing with the issues that you are asking about.

Be assured that your questions will be answered and your wedding planning can go on stress free!

Top FAQs:


Where can I buy rose petals for throwing at my wedding?  You have a lot of options, depending on the type of petals you wish to throw.  Fresh petals are easy to get from a rose garden or local florist.  Some can be expensive, especially from a florist, so you could also consider something like peonies.  Freeze dried petals are another option and can save you money.  You can find these at places like Fly Boy Naturals.  Another advantage to freeze dried is that you don’t have to worry about staining of carpet or clothing.  Finally, silk petals are a good option and can be found at craft supply stores such as Michaels.

Is it okay to email Save The Date cards instead of mailing them out?   It is perfectly okay and there are many good reasons for choosing to go the email route.  In fact we have written a post on the subject here.  So make sure to check it out!

Can I have use a married friend as a bridesmaid?  The answer is absolutely yes!  It is very common to have married friends in a bridal party and there is no need to call them by any other name than bridesmaid.  Unless, of course, the married friend is going to be your maid of honor.  Then she would simple get the title of matron of honor.

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